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10 expresiones para el «Black Friday»

This week we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at GNP.  We’ll also look at the significance of the weekend following Thanksgiving, which has now been adopted by many places outside of North American, including Spain: Black Friday and the steadily growing in popularity, Cyber Monday.

Black Friday has announced the start of the Christmas shopping period in the States since 1952.  Shops reduce prices on the last Friday of November (the day after Thanksgiving), which is many workers’ payday, so you can shop and stay ‘in the black’ (in credit), rather than going into ‘the red’ (in debt).  Shops open very early in the morning and people have been known to camp overnight in order to get in the shop first and get the best deals.  However, if you miss any deals on Black Friday, there is now Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday when you can buy items at reduced prices online.

So, if you’re planning on hitting the Spanish high street this Friday, or the internet on Monday, have a look at these useful expressions for sales shopping:

1) Cut prices: Prices that are lower than usual.  Example: Shops are full of cut prices on Black Friday.

 2) What a bargain!: A good deal.  Example:  They’re selling wide-screen TVs for under £100, what a bargain!

 3) It’s a steal!: A price so good that it’s almost like stealing the product because it’s so cheap.  Example: This perfume which is normally £60 is only £20 today. It’s a steal, I’m buying it.

 4) 2-4-1: Buy two prices for (4) the price of one.  Example: It’s 2-4-1 on all hamburgers this weekend.

 5) get a good deal (on something): to buy something at a good price.  Example: I got a good deal on a new games console in the Black Friday sales.

6) to be on offer: when there is a special price on something or something is on sale. Example: Bikes are on offer this weekend for our shop’s 20th anniversary.

7) a rip-off: something over-priced. The opposite of a bargain or a steal. Example:  In my opinion, designer labels are a rip-off,, they’re just normal clothes with a name on them.

  8) heavily discounted: if something is reduced a lot in price we say it is heavily discounted. Example: Products will be heavily discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

9) to sell like hotcakes: to sell very quickly. Example: You need to get to the shops early on Black Friday because the best deals will sell like hotcakes.

 10) to sell out: when a shop sells all of a product and there are none left to buy. Example: I tried to buy the new computer game on Black Friday, but every shop I went to was sold out.

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