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Como muchas palabras en inglés, work tiene varios significados. El primero que solemos aprender  es trabajar, y luego funcionar, por ejemplo, my phone isn’t working (mi móvil no funciona). Sorprendentemente (o quizá no), casi ninguno de los phrasal verbs con work tiene que ver con el trabajo. Sin embargo, sí suelen conllevar un sentido de esfuerzo o empeño. Aquí os dejamos algunos.


to work out hacer ejercicio Phil works out at the gym every day.
to work out salir bien I hope everything works out in the end.
to work it out


resolver una discusión We disagreed at first but we worked it out.
to work out averiguar I was confused, I couldn’t work out how to fix the problem.
to work on (sth) intentar mejorar Pablo works on his pronunciation every day.
to work on (sb) intentar convencer Pedro’s mother said that he couldn’t go to summer camp, but he is working on her and hopes she will change her mind.
to work around buscar una alternativa, tener éxito a pesar de un obstaculo Virginia is very resourceful, if she can’t solve a problem she always finds a way to work around it.
to work through trabajar para resolver, superar Alex and Rita have a great relationship because they always work through their problems instead of sweeping them under the rug*
to work towards trabajar para conseguir un reto Many people in Israel and Palestine want to work towards a two-state solution.
to work off quemar calorias, bajar la comida Let’s go for a run. I need to work off the pizza I ate for dinner.
*to sweep (sth) under the rug = disimular/ocultar un problema

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