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Todo el mundo busca una manera de impresionar a la persona que le mola, tanto que hay un Wiki How que te aconseja como hacerlo! Este San Valentín, enséñale a tu crush como dominas los phrasal verbs, y seguro que le tendrás en tu bolsillo.


Aquí os dejamos dos historias de amor para practicar.

Juan and María

to chat (sb) up camelar Juan and María first met at a party. He tried to chat her up, but she wasn’t really interested.
ask (sb) out invitar a salir He got her phone number from a friend, though, and asked her out a few weeks later.
to go out (with sb) salir con alguien María agreed to go out with Juan, although she wasn’t really interested. They went out for dinner, and they both had a wonderful time.
to get together (with sb) juntarse (de manera romántica) After a few months of dating, they decided to make it official, and they got together.
to move in (with sb) irse a vivir juntos And only a few months after that, they decided to move in together.
to settle down establecerse, sentar cabeza, echar raíces None of Juan’s friends thought he would every settle down, but soon he is planning to ask María to marry him.

Paula and José

to fall for (sb) colarse por Paula and José had known each other for years when one day, José realised he was falling for Paula.
to blurt (sth) out soltar He tried to hide his feelings, but one day he just blurted out “I love you”.
to pour one’s heart out (to sb) desahogarse con Paula was shocked, but ecstatic. She poured her heart out to José and told him that she had loved him for years.
to run off with fugarse con alguien The hard thing was, both Paula and José were married to other people. So, they decided to leave their unhappy marriages and run off together.

And they all lived happily ever after!

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