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Se acerca Halloween y todos sabemos lo que significa en GNP. ¡Caramelos, disfraces y SUSTOS! Aquí os dejamos algunas expresiones acerca de Halloween.

haunted-house (1)


to make one’s hair stand on end ponerle los pelos de punta Pauline´s story about her great aunt made my hair stand on end!
to be (as) blind as a bat más ciego que un topo My grandmother doesn’t drive anymore – she’s blind as a bat!
to give someone the creeps poner los pelos de punta / dar escalofríos Don’t go trick or treating at Mr Jones´s house. He really gives me the creeps!
to look as if you’ve seen a ghost parecer aterrorizado What´s wrong with Sarah? She looks as if she´s seen a ghost!
to send shivers down one´s spine darle algo a uno escalofríos Walking into GNP on Halloween sends shivers down my spine.
to have skeletons in one’s closet tener secretos del pasado To be a politician you can’t afford to have skeletons in your closet!
the witching hour medianoche It’s time we went to bed, it’s already past the witching hour.
to dig one’s own grave labrar la propia desgracia “I’m not going to do any work this week.” “You’re digging your own grave, we have a test on Friday!”
like a bat out of hell muy rápidamente Peter heard a strange noise and ran out of the house like a bat out of hell.
a witch hunt caza de brujas The investigation quickly turned into a witch hunt.
to come back to haunt someone perseguir Your actions will come back to haunt you eventually.

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