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Todos hemos empezado la semana muy frescos, ¿no? Un día festivo siempre viene bien, ¡sobre todo cuando hay algo que celebrar! ¿Qué hicisteis para celebrar San Isidro?

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¿Os disfrazasteis de chulapos y de chulapas? ¿Fuisteis a algún lado? ¿Se lo intentasteis contar al profesor de inglés y no sabíais explicarlo? Aquí os dejamos 18 phrasal verbs que podéis usar para hablar de las fiestas. A todos nos encanta una buena fiesta, así que seguro que estos phrasal verbs will come in handy (serán útiles).

Los que se usan antes de la fiesta:

to look forward to (something/doing something) tener ganas de Este verbo es muy útil y lo empleamos mucho. Practícalo porque muchas veces los no nativos se equivocan usándolo, debido a que después del to hay un gerundio.“I’m really looking forward to going away this weekend.”“I’m really looking forward to the party.”
to get away hacer una escapada “I can’t wait for the long weekend! I really need to get away.” “Where are you going?” “I’m going to the beach for the weekend. It’s going to be so relaxing, I’m really looking forward to it.”
to get out salir “What did you do this weekend?” “I stayed at home studying.” “You really need to get out more.”“I haven’t stopped studying for a week! I’m exhausted. I really need to get out more.”

¿Cómo nos vamos a vestir?

to dress up disfrazarse “Do we have to dress up for the party?” “Yes, it is a pirate theme. I’m going to dress up as Jack Sparrow”“At San Isidro, many people dress up as chulapos and chulapas.”
to get/be dressed up vestirse de forma elegante o cuidada “I really look forward to getting dressed up to go out.” “Oh, you are very dressed up today! Are you going somewhere special?”

Si no te apetece ir a la fiesta:

to feel up to (something/doing something) Sentirse en condiciones de hacer algo o apetecer “I don’t really feel up to going to the party.” “Why not?” “I just don’t feel up to seeing people at the moment” “Come on! You should come! It’ll really cheer you up!”
to cheer (someone) up hacerle a alguien sentirse mejor “Getting out and seeing my friends really cheered me up
to get out of (something/doing something) eludir algo, zafarse de algo “I really don’t want to go to the party. I wonder how I can get out of it?”“What excuse can I think of to get out of going to the party?”
to come down with (something) ponerse malo “I know how you can get out of going to the party. Why don’t you tell your friend that you are coming down with something?”“You know what, I have been feeling a bit sick and feverish. Maybe I’m coming down with a cold!”
to turn (something) down decir que no, rechazar una oferta “I had to turn down the invite to the party because I was going away for the long weekend.”“I turned down the job offer because the money wasn’t good enough.”

Durante la fiesta:

to turn up llegar “In many countries, it is expected that guests will turn up late for the party. In fact, it can be considered rude to turn up early or on time! However, not turning up at all is considered rude everywhere!”
to turn up/to turn down2 subir/bajar el volumen “Peter’s guests asked him to turn up the music because they couldn’t hear it. Then, his neighbour knocked on the door and told him to turn it down, or he would call the police!”
to run into (someone) encontrarse con alguien “Did you run into anybody you know at the San Isidro festival?” “Yes! I ran into my English teacher and my neighbour.”

Las peores cosas que pueden pasar en una fiesta:

to call (something) off cancelar “The party was called off because the host was sick”“They called off the concert because it was raining”
to run out of (something) quedarse sin algo “Oh no! What a disaster! We have run out of food!”“The party was terrible because they ran out of ice and the drinks got warm.”

Al final de la fiesta:

to wear someone out agotar a alguien odesgastar algo “We danced all night! I was so worn out by the end.”“I know! I danced so much that I wore out my shoes!”
to end up acabar, terminar “What did you end up doing on the weekend?” “I was going to go to a friend’s house, but we ended up going to Las Vistillas to celebrate San Isidro”
to clean up limpiar “The worst thing about having a party at home is cleaning up afterwards.

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