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Siempre nos cuesta un poco volver a la rutina después de las vacaciones. ¡Impresióna a tu profe con algunos phrasal verbs nuevos!

drop off dejarle a alguien (en un sitio) My mother dropped me off on the first day of school.
line up hacer una fila The students lined up outside the classroom, waiting for the teacher to arrive.
brush up on repasar I realised I needed to brush up on my irregular verbs, because I had forgotten a lot over the holidays.
get (sth) mixed up confundirse I’d forgotten so much, I even got “have” and “be” mixed up!
figure out averiguar It took me a long time to figure out the answers to the questions.
act up portarse mal It was hard to concentrate, because other some other students were acting up.
get carried away dejarse llevar They got a bit carried away and couldn´t stop laughing.
settle down tranquilizarse The teacher told them to settle down, but they had the hiccups, and that made everyone laugh!

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