8 expresiones escalofriantes para Halloween

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8 Spine-Chilling Expressions For Halloween 

8 expresiones escalofriantes para Halloween

If you’ve walked past GNP this week you will know that: Halloween is coming! And while last year we gave you a break from the terror with our Halloween Pokémon Go treasure hunt (remember that?  Take a peek to remind yourself here, this year we are returning to the dark side of Halloween with frights aplenty. So, prepare yourself by learning some of the following expressions that describe the feeling of fear…(cue evil laughter: mwa ha ha ha)!

1) To jump out of your skin: to be extremely surprised and scared by something sudden.  Example: When the monster appeared I jumped out of my skin.

2) The heebie-jeebies: to be in a state of nervousness or anxiety.  Example: Walking through the graveyard gave me the heebie-jeebies.

 3) To break out in a cold sweat: to become so scared that you start to sweat.  Example: I hate spiders, if I see one I break out in a cold sweat.

4) To make your blood run cold: to describe the effect that something scary has on you.  Example: It was the knock on the door which made my blood run cold.

 5) Someone walked over my grave: to describe the sudden cold shiver sensation that can pass over you.  Example: What’s the matter? Someone just walked over my grave.

6) To scare the daylights out of someone: to scare someone very strongly.  Example: I saw a ghost and it scared the daylights out of me.

 7) Goosebumps: When your skin goes bumpy and your hairs stand on end because you have a shiver.  Example:  That horror film gave me goosebumps when the monster appeared.

 8) To be scared stiff: to be so scared you can’t move.  Example: I was scared stiff when the zombie started to walk towards me.

Happy Halloween from all of us at GNP!!

Vocabulario de interés

(noun) terror: extreme fear

(informal expression) take a peek: to look at / to examine

(adjective) aplenty: a large quantity

(verb) cue: to give a signal

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