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Ya estamos bien entrados en otoño, y ¡cómo me encanta ver los colores tan bonitos de las hojas! ¿Todos sabéis los colores en inglés, no? ¡Son de las primeras cosas que se enseñan! Pues que mejor momento ahora, para profundizar. Aquí os dejamos 9 expresiones idiomáticas con colores.

autumn leaves

out of the blue de repente / sin aviso How strange. I was thinking about how I haven’t spoken to Sarah for ages, and then she called me out of the blue!
to feel blue estar deprimido Can we do something fun this weekend? I’ve been feeling a bit blue and I need something to look forward to!
once in a blue moon de higos a brevas I hardly ever see Paul these days, we only meet up once in a blue moon.
green with envy muerto de envidia Jennifer was green with envy when she saw how beautiful her sister looked.
golden boy niño bonito David Beckham is the golden boy of British football.
tickled pink contentísimo Sonia was tickled pink when she found out she had won the competition.
to see red enfurecerse When John’s little brother beat him in the race, he saw red.
to paint the town red irse de parranda Tonight we’re going to paint the town red!
to be yellow cobarde What’s wrong? Why don´t you want to fight? Are you yellow?


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