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El fin de semana pasado nos despedimos de los jóvenes viajeros de GNP que han ido a pasar la primera quincena de julio a la Bahía de Whitley, Inglaterra. Aquí os dejamos algunos phrasal verbs para describir su experiencia y la de cualquiera de vosotros que os vais al extranjero este verano.


Drop (someone) off  Acercar/dejar a alguien I’ll have to ask someone to drop me off at the airport, I can’t catch the train with all my suitcases.
See (someone) off  Despedir a alguien My whole family came to see me off at the airport when I went to Whitley Bay; it was the first time I had travelled abroad by myself! 
Check in   Facturar (equipaje) We waited a long time to check in our bags because there were so many people waiting and only 2 staff at the check in counter.
Take off  Despegar I was a little bit nervous when the plane was taking off, but once we were in the air I was fine. 
Pick up  Buscar/recoger a alguien When we arrived in Newcastle, a representative from the school came to pick us up
Get in  llegar What time does your flight get in? I don’t want to be late when I pick you up from the airport. 
Check in Registrar (en un hotel) When we arrived in London, we went straight to the hotel to check in
Set out/set off Salir de viaje We set out early to go on our excursion to Alnwick Castle.
Hurry up  Darse prisa My mother always tells me to hurry up when we are leaving on a trip, she thinks we are going to miss the plane.
Get in  Subir (al coche) Hurry up and get in the car! We are going to be late!
Get on  Subir (al bus/tren/avión) I prefer travelling by train because you don’t have to get on until just before you leave.
Get out of Bajar (del coche) I couldn’t wait to get out of the car after a seven hour journey!
Get off Bajar (del avión/tren/bus) I was so excited when we got off the plane in England – it was my first time abroad!
Check out  Dejar la habitación In most hotels in Spain, you don’t have to check out until 12pm, but in other countries it can be as early as 9 or 10am!
Go back  Volver a un sitio

I had such a fantastic summer abroad, I can’t wait to go back next year!

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