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Once in a blue moon – 7 expresiones para hablar sobre el espacio

On the last day of this month we will be treated to another ‘supermoon’, a full moon which is also at the closest proximity to the earth’s orbit, and so appears bigger and brighter than normal.  It’ll be the last one of the supermoon trilogy which started on the 3rd of December 2017, continued with the following full moon on the 1st of January 2018,  and will finish on the 31st.  The fact that this full (and super) moon will be the second full moon in a month will also make it a blue moon, nothing to do with its colour, but a name applied to when two full moons fall in the same month.  This is so unusual that the term ‘blue moon’ has now become part of our general vocabulary to apply to any situation that happens rarely.  For example: Our teacher only lets us watch a film in class once in a blue moon.’

 Let’s take a look at some other space inspired idioms…

1) Many moons ago: a long time ago.  Example: I used to work as a magician many moons ago.

2) (To be) over the moon: to be delighted.  Example: I was over the moon to find out I had been chosen to be on the TV show.

3) Head in the clouds: a person who is unaware of what’s going on around them.  Example: He never helps to tidy up the office, he has his head in the clouds and thinks the office is tidied by magic.

4) Come back down to earth: return to reality after daydreaming or becoming excited.  Example: I thought for a second that I had the winning lottery ticket, but when I realised I didn’t I soon came back down to earth.

5) Be on another planet: to not give attention to what’s happening around you and to think differently to other people.  Example: If you think global warming is a myth then you’re on another planet.

6) Make hay while the sun shines: to act while an opportunity exists.  Example: This shop is having a half-price sale today, let’s go and make hay while the sun shines.

So make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the 31st for the super blue moon, and let’s hope for a clear night!

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Vocabulario de interés

(verb) to fall: the date something will happen

(adverb) rarely: hardly ever

(phrasal verb) to find out: to discover

(verb) to daydream: to think imaginary or wishful thoughts

(idiom) to keep your eyes peeled: to stay alert and watchful

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