Vocabulario de boda en inglés «for the Royal Wedding 2018»

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Wedding Vocabulary for the Royal Wedding

The wedding of the year is taking place this month when Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle in the town of Windsor, England.  Around 600 guests will be invited to the ceremony and reception, while potentially millions more will be able to watch it on TV.  So in preparation, let’s have a look at some essential wedding vocabulary…

1) To pop the question: to ask someone to marry you. Example: Meghan revealed that Harry popped the question while they were cooking a roast chicken.

2) Fiancé / Fiancée: a man engaged to be married / a woman engaged to be married. Example:  Harry and Meghan are currently the most famous fiancé and fiancée in the world.

3) Stag party / Hen party: the parties that take place before a wedding. The stag party (or Bachelor party in the U.S.A.) is for the man and his friends and the hen party (or bachelorette) is for the woman and her friends.  Example: The boys went to Barcelona on the stag party while the girls went for a spa weekend on the hen party.

4) To get married: Although marry can be used as a verb, we usually use the verb ‘get’ and then the adjective ‘married’. Example: Meghan and Harry will get married on Saturday 19th May 2018.

5) Bride: the woman who gets married. Example: Meghan Markle is sure to make a beautiful bride.

6) Bridesmaids and the maid of honour: friends of the bride involved in the wedding party and there to help her on the day, with the maid of honour being the one in charge. Example: The bride had four bridesmaids and her sister was her maid of honour.

7) Groom: the man who gets married. Example: The groom waited at the church for the bride to arrive.

8) Groomsmen and the best man: friends of the groom involved in the wedding party and there to help on the day, with the best man being the one in charge. Example: People were excited to hear that Prince Harry had chosen his older brother Prince William to be his best man.

9) A toast / to toast: at the end of a speech when people are asked to drink together in honour of someone. Example: the best man toasted the couple at the end of his speech.

10) Newlyweds and honeymoon: the term newlyweds describes a recently married couple and the honeymoon is the holiday they go on directly after the wedding. Example: The newlyweds jetted off to Mauritius on honeymoon the day after the wedding.

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