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Consejos para la preparación del «Topic» en los examenes Trinity GESE

Lots of our students have once again signed up to take a Trinity speaking exam. Over the next few weeks we’ll be helping them prepare for the exams.  For Trinity grades 4 and upwards each student will need to select a topic which they will speak about in their exam. Here are 5 easy steps for choosing and preparing the best topic you possibly can.

1) Interest: What are you passionate about? What do you know a lot about? What could you speak for ages about? Asking yourself these questions is a good place to start when choosing your topic. Don’t choose something you think the examiner will like. Choose something you are truly interested in as it will be a lot easier for you to speak and answer questions about.

2) Originality: Although your answers to the above questions may all have been FOOTBALL, just think about how many times the examiner will have listened to students who have chosen football as their Trinity topic. Choosing something a little more unusual, or something more personalised to you will make your topic stand out and be more interesting to the examiner. Also, if you’ve taken Trinity exams before remember that you can’t repeat a topic from a previous year, and likewise, don’t choose the same topic as a friend or sibling.  Finally, in each grade you have some subject areas that will be used in the conversation section of the exam.  Your topic should not be chosen from this subject list, but your teacher will tell you what these subjects are.

3)  Get Started: The sooner you choose your topic and begin preparing it, the better it will be.  Don’t wait until the last minute to decide on your topic, otherwise it makes it more difficult for you to receive help from your teacher.  Once you know your topic and have started to prepare it you may also want to include some photos or small objects that can help illustrate what you are talking about. However, this is optional, not essential.

4) Language: When you have decided on what you want to talk about make sure you have all the language you need to do this.  Find word lists related to your topic and build up your knowledge of the vocabulary that goes with your subject.  Also, be aware that you want to use maximum English and minimum Spanish! If you’ve chosen a topic that relates to Spain, for example Spanish cooking, there may be some words that there is no direct translation for. Make sure you’re able to describe what the Spanish word means, for example, ‘gazpacho: a cold tomato soup’.  Remember that you also want to show the best of your speaking ability and you are expected to use certain grammar functions for the relevant grade of exam you are taking. Therefore, check with your teacher that your topic allows you to include the necessary range of language expected at your grade. And be careful not to prepare a topic where you are continually repeating the same structure, for example the present simple, over and over again.

5) Share: Your teacher will be ready to listen to you talk about your topic and may ask you to present to the rest of your class. But don’t stop there…the more people (friends, family, your pet goldfish) you talk to about your topic, the more practice you’ll get.  By speaking to people about your topic you will also get the experience of what types of questions people have about your topic, which will help you anticipate what the examiner might ask you.

Finally, if you have any doubts or questions remember that all the teachers at GNP are help to help you.

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Los exámenes GESE de Trinity son exclusivamente orales. Hay 12 grados y dependiendo del grado se estructuran de manera diferente. A partir del grado 4 los candidatos preparan un tema, el TOPIC que presentarán y discutirán con el examinador.


En la convocatoria de junio 2017, todos nuestros alumnos que se presentaron a los exámenes Trinity GESE aprobaron.

Aquí encuentras más información sobre los exámenes Trinity en comparación con los exámenes de Cambridge:

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