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World Cup – Nationality Adjectives

The World Cup is back! This means that summer is officially here and for the next month, whether you like it or not, you are about to hear a lot of conversations about football.  Even if you don’t really like ‘the beautiful game‘, now is the time to embrace it. If your team usually leave the competition early (something England fans are used to), try choosing an obscure team to follow and that can keep the tournament exciting. For example, Iceland, who surprised everyone during the 2016 Euro Cup by getting through to the quarter-finals. They are now the smallest populated country to ever qualify for a World Cup, and they could make for a fun team to support. Continue reading

Vocabulario de boda en inglés «for the Royal Wedding 2018»

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Wedding Vocabulary for the Royal Wedding

The wedding of the year is taking place this month when Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle in the town of Windsor, England.  Around 600 guests will be invited to the ceremony and reception, while potentially millions more will be able to watch it on TV.  So in preparation, let’s have a look at some essential wedding vocabulary… Continue reading


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Consejos para la preparación del «Topic» en los examenes Trinity GESE

Lots of our students have once again signed up to take a Trinity speaking exam. Over the next few weeks we’ll be helping them prepare for the exams.  For Trinity grades 4 and upwards each student will need to select a topic which they will speak about in their exam. Here are 5 easy steps for choosing and preparing the best topic you possibly can. Continue reading


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Dog eat dog – 10 expresiones para el año del perro

While we are already in the second month of the new year, China are just gearing up to celebrate theirs.  The Chinese New Year begins on Friday the 16th of February and the celebrations last for two weeks.  The Chinese New Year is based on a 12 year rotation of celebrated animals, and this year’s animal is… the year of the dog.  So in honour of man’s best friend let’s take a look at 10 English idioms based on the dog… Continue reading


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Once in a blue moon – 7 expresiones para hablar sobre el espacio

On the last day of this month we will be treated to another ‘supermoon’, a full moon which is also at the closest proximity to the earth’s orbit, and so appears bigger and brighter than normal.  It’ll be the last one of the supermoon trilogy which started on the 3rd of December 2017, continued with the following full moon on the 1st of January 2018,  and will finish on the 31st.  The fact that this full (and super) moon will be the second full moon in a month will also make it a blue moon, nothing to do with its colour, but a name applied to when two full moons fall in the same month.  This is so unusual that the term ‘blue moon’ has now become part of our general vocabulary to apply to any situation that happens rarely.  For example: Our teacher only lets us watch a film in class once in a blue moon.’ Continue reading

Chocolate Bark – Una receta de navidad

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Chocolate Bark – A Quick, Easy Christmas Recipe

The majority of Christmas revolves around spending time together eating, that’s what’s so great about it!  Homemade food can also work as a thoughtful gift to give at this festive time of year.  Here’s a super easy, but delicious, Christmas chocolate recipe.  It’s name is Christmas bark as it resembles the bark that you see on a tree.  It’s a basic recipe which can be interpreted in as many different ways as you want.

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10 expresiones para el «Black Friday»

This week we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving at GNP.  We’ll also look at the significance of the weekend following Thanksgiving, which has now been adopted by many places outside of North American, including Spain: Black Friday and the steadily growing in popularity, Cyber Monday.

Black Friday has announced the start of the Christmas shopping period in the States since 1952.  Shops reduce prices on the last Friday of November (the day after Thanksgiving), which is many workers’ payday, so you can shop and stay ‘in the black’ (in credit), rather than going into ‘the red’ (in debt).  Shops open very early in the morning and people have been known to camp overnight in order to get in the shop first and get the best deals.  However, if you miss any deals on Black Friday, there is now Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday when you can buy items at reduced prices online. Continue reading


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Potty for Potter – Locos por Harry Potter

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the first publication of the world changing Harry Potter books.  Madrid is getting into the spirit of things with a special Harry Potter exhibition starting this month and running until the end of January at the IFEMA, Feria de Madrid.  This exhibition will be displaying props from all 8 of the Harry Potter films.  On top of that, if you walk around the centre of the city at the moment you can stumble across some Harry Potter statues, including a bigger than life-size Dobby the House Elf, and the flying car that Harry and Ron famously return to school in at the start of their second year. Continue reading

8 expresiones escalofriantes para Halloween

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8 Spine-Chilling Expressions For Halloween 

8 expresiones escalofriantes para Halloween

If you’ve walked past GNP this week you will know that: Halloween is coming! And while last year we gave you a break from the terror with our Halloween Pokémon Go treasure hunt (remember that?  Take a peek to remind yourself here, this year we are returning to the dark side of Halloween with frights aplenty. So, prepare yourself by learning some of the following expressions that describe the feeling of fear…(cue evil laughter: mwa ha ha ha)!

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